Global #ChatRosacea Tweetathon – bringing the realities of living with rosacea into the spotlight

The #ChatRosacea Tweetathon was a LIVE online Twitter conversation in three sessions held throughout the day on 27th April. The rosacea debate covered topics from how to better recognise the symptoms to managing triggers, improving diagnosis and discussing the impact of living with rosacea. Thank you to our key participants from the UK, Australia, Germany, the Nordics, Spain, Italy, Mexico, the US and Canada – and to everyone who joined from across the Globe – together we have reached over 2.6 million twitter accounts generating an exposure of over 5.1 million impressions about rosacea... and the conversation continues with further information and Tweets to help people better identify their condition and get professional help.

Global Perceptions Survey

In 2013, 6,831 adults aged 25-64 gave their first impressions on people's faces* to identify how those with facial redness associated with rosacea are perceived by others and how these perceptions differ vs. people not affected. A sub-group of 800 respondents with facial redness symptoms associated with rosacea were questioned further on the impact this condition has on their lives.